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IOC Masterclass 1 is being prepared 'as we speak'.

We will be 'meeting' via Zoom or a similar application. Places are limited to ensure that all your questions can be addressed.


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IOC Masterclass 1 - Basics and Abbreviation


We will address:

  • basic crochet terminology,
  • abbreviations and punctuation,  
  • basic stitches you should be familiar with (and how to work them),
  • the difference between Overlay Crochet and Image Overlay Crochet (IOC) ‘Petranese’,
  • correct counting of stitches and rounds for IOC,
  • padding stitches (what they are, how to work them, why you want to use them and when not),
  • finding free front loops,
  • stitch description abbreviations (type, hook insertion, crossing over and under, choosing legs to work around), and
  • stitch placement abbreviations (horizontal and vertical placement, variations, anchoring)

Please let me know where you are from so I can determine the best time option for us to come together.
Please rate your crochet experience from 1 - 5; 1 - adventurous beginner; 2 - advanced beginner 3 - intermediate 4 - experienced with basic stitches and designs 5 - experienced with complex stitches and designs

Frequently Asked Questions


It all sounds so complicated. Can't I just get started?

 You absolutely can! All topics above are outlined with photo tutorials in the free

 Image Overlay IOC 'Petranese' explained document. Besides, you will probably already know most of the terminology anyway if you have been crocheting for a while. This masterclass gives you the opportunity to ask live questions if you feel you need additional information or if you have found a tricky bit or even if you just want to contribute an idea or enjoy being connected with a bunch of other 'hookers' who are as passionate as you.


I am a total beginner. Is this class for me?

Let's see.

If you have never had a hook in your hand and you don't know how to work the most basic stitches, then this is not the class for you to learn it.

However, if you are a total beginner who understands the terminology and abbreviations of general crochet and is able to work in the round and most importantly, follow instructions, then this is the perfect class for you.

If you want to assess if you meet the pre-requisites for Image Overlay Crochet, you can check it out here:


I lost my CroJo. How can I get it back?

CroJo loss can happen when we have too many projects on the go or if we feel overwhelmed with a pattern (or of course as a result of personal circumstances, states of mental and physical health and environmental influences). 

While this class won't change your circumstances, state or environment, it is an opportunity to connect with like-minded people, to work on the same project as others at the same time, to find some inspiration and exchange ideas. Even more, this masterclass is designed to give you the skills and the confidence to get (back) into Image Overlay Crochet, which might rekindle your CroJo. So why not give it a go?


I just have a few questions about the terminology

Perfect! If it is related to the topics above and will not be addressed in the class, this is the perfect time to bring it up and ask your question!


What else is included in the Masterclass?

We will go through all the basics that are mentioned in the document.

In addition, you will receive an exclusive pattern to practise what we learned. 

You will also learn how to assess your tension and if you need, how to adjust your stitches to create a nice background and image layer.